Michael L. Baroni

20 Year In-House Counsel

​General Counsel, Palace Entertainment

Experience.        Leadership.        Passion.

  • "Best Legal Dept. in USA" Award
  • Chapter Feature in book, Legal Visionaries
  • "Top In-House Counsel" in CA
  • Professional Excellence Award
  • "Most Innovative Legal Dept." Award
  • "Top Attorney" in O.C.
  • ASCAP Award (papers on © law)
  • Volunteer of the Year Palace Entertainment, Constitutional Rights Foundation
  • Super Lawyer
  • ​Founder of Entertainment Sports & Marketing Law

  • Past Chair, Product Liability

  • 2-Term Elected Board Member

  • "Blue Ribbon" Administration of Justice

  • Community Outreach

  • Honorary Chair:  Charitable Fund, and Beach Cleanup

  • Law School Task Force

  • Mentor to Students & Young Lawyers

  • Guest on MSNBC, FOX 11, Access Hollywood
  • 100+ Articles Published
  • Columnist, Inside Counsel Magazine
  • Cover-Feature, Corporate Counsel Mag.
  • Feature Profiles:  National Law Journal, Daily Journal, GC California, Super Lawyers

Endorsed by 7 past OCBA Presidents.  18 section Chairs.  Police, former DAs, and Public Defenders.  City Attorneys.  The Nat'l CEO of Big Brothers, President of Constitutional Rights Foundation and 250+ more leaders in the law across the full spectrum of our legal community!



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