Michael L. Baroni

General Counsel to premiere companies

NEWS Flash 


2/2018:   Chaired a general counsel panel in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Thailand is an extraordinary country with warm, friendly people.  Exquisite dances and colorful clothing, stunning temples, and delectable food!

1/18/2018:  Deeply honored to receive recognition from the Orange County Board of Supervisors, for my term as O.C. Bar President.  

Excerpts: "... Your reputation and record for instilling ethics and professionalism, bounded by your standards of civility and communications... your support of Law Enforcement, stopping Human Trafficking and advancing inclusion for the entire spectrum of viewpoints, disabilities, homeless advocacy, political perspectives, religious diversity and ethnic backgrounds in keeping with the highest traditions of the legal profession and mission of the OC Bar Association."

1/2018:  Visited with several legislators at the Capitol in Sacramento, including our State's esteemed Treasurer.

1/10/2018:  2018 begins with my term as President of the O.C. Bar's Charitable Fund!  Thrilled to be overseeing the Golf Tournament and the Wine Tasting gala, where we raise funds for numerous worthy charities.


12/2017:  Excited to be Chairing Academic WorldQuest for the World Affairs Council, where teams of high school students compete in their knowledge of world affairs and history.


11/16/2017:  Special "VIP" guests at my final meeting as OC Bar President -  District Attorney Tony Rackauckas and DA's Chief of Staff, Susan Kang Schroeder.  They spoke humbly and passionately about their fight against childhood gang prevention ("GRIP" program), human trafficking (funding the H.E.A.T. initiative at the DA's office), and domestic violence, and advocating for victim's right across the nation.  In fact, Susan has been instrumental in getting several State Constitutions amended to provide for basic victim's rights.  What a powerful and meaningful way to end my term as President!


11/7/2017:  Honored by the Republican Club of Orange County.  Thank you Fred Whitaker - Chair, and Dick Ackerman (former State Senate).  Certificate reads: "In recognition of his deduction in combatting Human Trafficking, advocating awareness for Mental & Physical Health issues, and dedication to defending the Constitution."


10/18/2017:  Hugely successful Human Trafficking seminar produced by the OC. Bar's Human Trafficking Task Force (which I founded).   Speakers included a survivor, a Deputy District Attorney and Dr. Anne Light who made brilliant observations about childhood trauma's devastating impact on brain function and behavior.  Phenomenal job by Chairs Jessica Springer and Jennifer Tennant.

Later met with Congressman Ed Royce and District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.


10/17/2017:    OC Talk Radio with Ric Franzi's Critical Mass show, speaking about human trafficking, attorney wellness.
Podcast link at http://podcast.criticalmassforbusiness.com/e/episode-1041-critical-mass-radio-show-october-17-2017-michael-baroni/