Michael L. Baroni

NEWS Flash:

7/2019:  Africa!  Honored to moderate the questions for Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who has had 35 years of adventurous (and sometimes terrifying) experience in Africa.  A World Affairs Council event.


2/2019:  $Grants to 17 Charities!

My final act as President of the O.C. Bar Assoc.'s Charitable Fund.  What an honor -- and a whole lot of fun -- to hand out checks to charities.  Recipients included Veteran's Legal Institute, Constitutional Rights Foundation, Human Options, Laura's House, Women's Transitional Living Centers, United We Stand, Calif. Youth Connection, and Children's Hospital.

​​8/2018: Philanthropy Day!  ​The most inspirational event I've ever attended.  900 charitable-minded attendees at the art deco-styled Anaheim Grove.  I was profoundly honored to accept the award for "Outstanding Philanthropic Organization," as President of the O.C. Bar Association's Charitable Fund.  The Charitable Fund supports worthy entities such as Veteran's Legal Institute, Constitutional Rights Foundation, battered women's / children's shelters such as Human Options, Women's Transitional Living Centers and Laura's House, and diversion programs for at-risk youth.  


​​8/2018:  Center for Law & Military Policy - Advisory Board

So honored to be a part of the Center for Law & Military Policy, founded by my friend, Major Dwight Stirling ​(also a co-founder of the Veteran's Legal Institute).  I am devoted to honoring our veterans.  A primary focus is on the "hidden plague" of sexual assaults within the military, and the lack of a legal remedy for victims.   Actress Alyssa Milano spoke on sexual assaults in society in general.   Service women shared their painful, tragic stories of being raped by their fellow servicemen--and how our military does nothing to address it, and disallows lawsuits by raise victims.  


​8/2018:  Standing with O.C. Leaders!    Met with O.C.'s District Attorney, Sheriff Don Barnes (far right), and members of the O. C. Board of Supervisors:  Chairman Andrew Do, Hon. Michelle Steel (2017 Chair), and the Hon. Lisa Bartlett.


8/24/2018:  O.C. Bar's Charitable Gala - HUGE SUCCESS!  ​As President of the Charitable Fund, I am thrilled to report that we held the most successful Charity Gala in Bar history!  Raised nearly $70,000 more than any prior year.  Thank you to so many selfless hearts who made this happen!  Picture below with "corporate partner" award-winner and friendSheniece Smith, in-house counsel at CHOC - Children's Hospital of Orange County, and with Mei Tsang, Co-Chair of the Gala event.

​​4/23/2018:  Golf Charity Scores $ for Worthy Causes!  Serving as this year's President of the Charitable Fund, I am thrilled to announce that the O.C. Bar Assoc.'s annual, charitable golf event grossed more money than ever before!  All funds raised go to very worthy charities -- including battered women's shelters, which also help victims of human trafficking.  In fact, at our annual charitable gala on August 23rd, we will be honoring four such charities as our "Community Partners" of the year:  Human Options, Laura's HouseChapman U.'s Aitken Family Protection Clinic, and the Women's Transitional Living Center.

3/2018: March has been Marvelous!   (1) Irvine Police Gala with Chief Mike Hamel.  (2) Human Trafficking Conference at Vanguard U.  (3) Chaired & MC'd the Academic WorldQuest (competition for high school teams on world events and geo-politics issues; winning team Marina H.S. gets sent to D.C. for the national competition!).  (4) Judged & spoke to students at the Samueli Academy's "Go Global - World Peace" competition (where students give comparative presentations on European countries versus the U.S., and how we address problems such as prisons, electric power, obesity, infant mortality, and gun violence).  (5) attended a town hall meeting with Costa Mesa Police Chief Sharpnack and O.C.'s District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, on the "sober living" scam where out-of-state drug addicts are brought to luxury homes and soaked for their insurance.

2/2018:   Thailand!  Chaired a general counsel panel in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Thailand is an extraordinary country with warm, friendly people.  Exquisite dances and colorful clothing, stunning temples, and delectable food!

​​1/18/2018:  Recognition from the Orange County Board of Supervisors, for my term as O.C. Bar President.  

Excerpts: "... Your reputation and record for instilling ethics and professionalism, bounded by your standards of civility and communications... your support of Law Enforcement, stopping Human Trafficking and advancing inclusion for the entire spectrum of viewpoints, disabilities, homeless advocacy, political perspectives, religious diversity and ethnic backgrounds in keeping with the highest traditions of the legal profession and mission of the OC Bar Association."

1/2018:  Visited with several legislators at the Capitol in Sacramento, including our State's esteemed Treasurer.

1/10/2018:  2018 begins with my term as President of the O.C. Bar's Charitable Fund!  Thrilled to be overseeing the Golf Tournament and the Wine Tasting gala, where we raise funds for numerous worthy charities.


​12/2017:  Excited to be Chairing Academic WorldQuest for the World Affairs Council, where teams of high school students compete in their knowledge of world affairs and history.


11/16/2017:  Special "VIP" guests at my final meeting as OC Bar President -  District Attorney Tony Rackauckas and DA's Chief of Staff, Susan Kang Schroeder.  They spoke humbly and passionately about their fight against childhood gang prevention ("GRIP" program), human trafficking (funding the H.E.A.T. initiative at the DA's office), and domestic violence, and advocating for victim's right across the nation.  In fact, Susan has been instrumental in getting several State Constitutions amended to provide for basic victim's rights.  What a powerful and meaningful way to end my term as President!


11/7/2017:  Honored by the Republican Club of Orange County.  Thank you Fred Whitaker - Chair, and Dick Ackerman (former State Senate).  Certificate reads: "In recognition of his deduction in combatting Human Trafficking, advocating awareness for Mental & Physical Health issues, and dedication to defending the Constitution."


10/18/2017:  Hugely successful Human Trafficking seminar produced by the OC. Bar's Human Trafficking Task Force (which I founded).   Speakers included a survivor, a Deputy District Attorney and Dr. Anne Light who made brilliant observations about childhood trauma's devastating impact on brain function and behavior.  Phenomenal job by Chairs Jessica Springer and Jennifer Tennant.

Later met with Congressman Ed Royce and District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.


10/17/2017:    OC Talk Radio with Ric Franzi's Critical Mass show, speaking about human trafficking, attorney wellness.
Podcast link at http://podcast.criticalmassforbusiness.com/e/episode-1041-critical-mass-radio-show-october-17-2017-michael-baroni/